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Thank you for staying with us at Villa Renaissance.

Please fill out our customer feedback survey to share your experience with us at Villa Renaissance.

    1. Overall, how friendly were the hotel staff members?

    2. How quick was the check-in process.

    3. How clean was your room upon arrival.

    4. How well did the housekeeping staff clean your room?

    5. Overall, how well-equipped was your room.

    6. How comfortable were your bed/linens?

    7. Overall, how quickly did the hotel staff respond to your requests?

    8. How convenient were the hours of the Blu bar?

    9. How pleased were you with the quality of the food and beverage offered at our hotel?

    10. How affordable was your stay at our hotel?

    11. Overall, were you satisfied with our hotel?

    12. How likely are you to stay at our hotel again?

    13. How likely is it that you would recommend our hotel to friends and family?

    14. How did you hear about us?


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